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Links to Module Guides & Media and 1960s module resources:


IRD 1009 Communication, Freedom and Democracy


IRD1026: Politics and Vision:

LECTURE 1 - What is Politics

Lecture 12 - Ideology

Lecture 13 - Liberalism

Lecture 14 - Conservatism

Lecture 15 - Anarchism

Lecture 16 - Feminism

Lecture 20 - Utopia



IRD 2101: Security, Terror and ‘New Wars’.

Lecture 1: What is Security          (10th Oct)

Lecture 5: The character of war  (7th Nov)

Lecture 6: The 'New wars' thesis (21st Nov)

Readings for BOTH wks 6 &7 and for new wars (31st Oct) please read Kaldor article and Kaldor Interview/vid

Lecture 7  - Terrorism and the study of terrorism  (28th Nov)

Lecture 10 - Cyberwar and Cyber-security (I) (9th Jan) and reading/vid links


IRD 2103: Global Information Networks.

Session 2 - Thinking about Networks Readings:  1 & 2

Session 3 & 4 (18th/25th-10-16)  - Oral cultures Writing Cultures and info-networks: from Walter Ong to Harold Innis

Session 5 (8th/11/16)  Traveller and the Book

Session 6 (29-11-16) On Long-distance control notes on Law article

Session 8 (13th Dec& 10th Jan-17) Networks of the Enlightenment: Habermas

Session 10 (17th & 24th Jan) Speaking Tubes, Telegraphy, Winston

Sesssion 11 (31st Jan) Broadcasting,  BBC and Networks of Unity

Session 12 (7the Feb) Satellites, Propaganda and the Cold war

Session 13 (14th Feb) Cybernetics & Social Science and Deutsch model


IRD 2104

Lecture 1 Wk 2, The Boundaries of Africa

Lecture 2 wk 3, Anthropology and Africa

Lecture 3 wk 4, Magic and religion in Africa

Lecture 4, wk 5, In darkest Africa

Lecture 6, wk 8, Lugard and Indirect rule v French assimilationism

Lecture 7, wk 9 The Politics of French Assimilationism

Lecture 8, wk 10 Portugal and Colonialism

Lecture 9 , wk 11 Belgium and the Congo

Lecture 10, wk 12 The making of British de-colonisation

Lecture 11, wk 13 Leaders, Parties, Ideology after de-colonisation. + Links

Lecture 12, wk 14 Nigeria, Federalism, Elections and the precipitation of Coups

Lecture 13, wk 15 Nigeria, nature of Coups and Succession

Lecture 14, wk 16 From Coups to Military

Lecture 15, wk 19 Ghana - a peaceable people?

Lecture 16, wk 20 Corruption, Failed States: the case of Zaire into DRC


IRD 3025  - The Sixties - Counter-culture & Radicalism

Lecture on Post-War reconstruction (wk3)

Lecture (28-11-17) vid clips for Macmillan and Modernisation.

Lecture (5-12-17) Swinging Sixties

Lecture (very rough notes) Wilson Govts - 64-66 &66-70


IRD 3037 (formerly Soc 3037) - Global Ethics -

Lecture on Virtue Ethics and Complexity;

Ethics and extremity

Lecture on Religion & Ethics

Lecture on Obligations to Future Generations

Lecture on Obligations to Past Generations

Lecture on Welfare and Ethics

Lecture on Cyborg Ethics


IRD 3041 Propaganda, Scandal and Media


Sixties (Soc 3025) (radicalism and counter-culture) RESOURCE PAGE

Media Resource page - including: LECTURE NOTES!

Methodologies Table for outline of  media methods





MA International Relations Links


Course guide MA International Relations


MA IR Timetable starting: September 2017


Full-time: MA IR Timetable and info starting: February 2018


Part-time: MA IR Timetable and info starting: February 2018


IRD M025: International Relations Theory (1) Lecture notes for 1st session (5-10-16)


IRD M076 - Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa

The Boundaries of Africa

In darkest Africa

Lugard and Indirect rule v French assimilationism

The Politics of French Assimilationism

The making of British de-colonisation

Leaders, Parties, Mobilisations for Independence

Links for De-colonisation

From Coups to wider Military involvements

Fragile States as National and International

Democracy and Corruption - the case of Ghana


IRD M077 - Politics of International Communications


Session 1 (6-2-18) Intro and Overview


Session 2 (13-2-18)  The very idea of Communication: Oral, written, sent


Session 3 (20-2-18)  Empire of Comms + reading+ Seminar Qs;  Thussu reading wk 3 Intro&Chp1.htm


Session 4 (6-3-18)  Cold War and Propaganda


Session 5 (13-3-18)  Internet and International Political-Economy;  map of net structures & though a little dated, good intro to issues (Mueller) and good recent overview of pols of net, and this more journalistic article about US control and ICANN;  Seminar reading links for 8th March; Seminar Qs for March


Session 6  (March 20-3-18) - Global communication; state autonomy &  Post-Snowden communications networks; Key Readings: David Lyon and Myers West


Session 7 (27-3-18)  Essay advice & preparation


IRD M079   (19-4-18) World Trade Organisation

IRD M079  (10-5-18) Political Economy of Communications



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Government ambitions for Higher Education policy.


Especially useful media related staff.









Graham McBeath



Fawsley room 4, Park.




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David Gauntlett’s worthwhile site – lots of good stuff here and here (theory)

Superb set of links to all kinds of media and cultural studies web sites zap  this

The Guardian and also its Media page



British board of Film Classification

Techno-Prophets Here is a vast set of links to many of the leading figures in media, communications, information theory, AI and A-Life, advanced media technologies etc.


 Remember, there is no such thing as ‘the Shannon AND Weaver’ Theory of Communication – only 2 separate papers published one year apart when Weaver offered a clever gloss (re-interpretation) for human communication issues, of Shannon’s ideas about the efficient transmitting of information (coding) in telephone systems:

And here they are…

Claude E Shannon's classic paper: A Mathematical Theory of Communication

Warren Weaver’s much used 1949 commentary on Shannon’s work



Here is a good explanation of how the British government system work – you need to know this sort of thing as general knowledge.

Useful site listing all of the Government Departments








                                                                                                            Thinkers who made us think againclick their pics to know more

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