I have extracted 7 vid clips that offer 'vignettes' of life in mid to late 50s and show modernisation and trends in the Macmillan era.


I have not edited them absolutely accurately so some of them have a run in from the previous topic within the originating documentary.




They are:


1 Macmillan as new PM


2 On the hanging of Ruth Ellis (1955 - last woman to be hanged in Britain

 + stuff of Capt. Peter Towshend who was in the running to be married to Princess Margaret (sister of the Queen) but the marriage was vetoed by the powers that be because he was a divorcee + + interview with Kim Philby on the disappearance of Guy Burgess and Donald Mclean (spies)


3 Hungary and Suez clips


4) On the installation of the STD phone dialling system - an automated national system that saw the end of  the women in the telephone exchange buildings who 'would put you through now' i.e. literally connect you via plugs


5) Holidays in the 50s


6) New Housing and the rise of the New Towns e.g. Stevenage, Milton Keynes, Welwyn Garden City etc


7) Hair do and youth b) food; c) hovercraft; d) roads, cars and motorways