Meanings of Propaganda, Bias, Ideology, Scandal.



Prop and ideology:




Propaganda is not another term for ideology – that they are different in theory and in emphasis; namely that ideology was focused upon an end/object:  the coherence and presentation of its critique of other ideologies and society and its vision of a better society…and if it got a large audience, so much the better,




propaganda is a process of persuasion by any means necessary – it does not have to worry about the coherence of the message and the arguments a la ideology. If a pottage of exciting images and sounds accompanied by the item/value that is being promoted AND it works – it persuades a mass of people to buy into it - then success.





Equally we can look at the concept of mass society and its links to P – that is, esp from a sceptical European tradition that, the notion the emergence of a mass society where meaning attachments (class/community/status/traditions) are breaking down into the condition of anomie and detached individuals were open to adopting a new leader/messiah/life-plan.


Thus alienated mass man is open to any old cult/faith/form of fascism so long as they re-gain a sense of purpose/meaning..and this is as true of stuff – goods –consumables in their lives as it is of new leaders. US notions of Mass Soc were more optimistic – that it meant they were flexible and open to new positive ideas about better future society and ways that could be shaped by well-meaning elites.


But whichever, propaganda - the recruiting of support for ideas and visions can be seen as a function of mass society, that is, people without firm structured reflexively grasped and maintained values and beliefs. (Is this right?)


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