29th October wk. 5 – Lecture:  Varieties of Media Analysis (GMcB) + Seminar  5 Communication Models

Following on from last weeks lecture we will review at a few ways of analysing the media -  that is ‘methodological frameworks’ through which to interpret the meaning and processes of the media. Some may be psychological in approach such as the ‘use and gratifications’ approach that is concerned with explaining media in terms of individual motives for using the media, others such as the cybernetic approach are much more about seeing the media as networks of information flow, and yet other see media as driven by political and economic interests – the critical political economy (CPE) approach.



1)   Is a generalised Communications Model the model of all methods and theories of media?


2)   What are methods and theories? Ontology and Epistemology.


3)   The status of particular methods


4)   Analytical and Historical approaches


5)   Choosing your ‘ontology’: Language? Culture? Individuals? Classes? Epochs? Institutions?


6)   Explaining Explanation


7)  Qualitative/Quantitative methods


7)   Some methods:

a) Content analysis; b) Discourse Analysis; c) Social Network Analysis;

d)           Use and gratifications (psychological); e) psychoanalytical (the unconscious) f) Critical Political Economy (neo-marxism); g) Ethnography; h) Historical & Institutional.


9) Final Remarks