herewith links to the reading for next Tuesday on


International Relations of Net governance.


You can have a look a the White paper of 1997 that started all the struggles towards Internationalisation of net governance





Read these first:


'Good Intro to Net govnce' - very descriptive but useful


and this paper - the main one on: US roots of net governance


and this one is very good on International tensions over net control - US & net reg 2006


and if you are brave try this one by Laura de Nardis et al - heavy end analysis of the key idea of control as multi-stakeholder provision. -v important tem in the debate. very good in terms of tabular setting out the various layers of intersts in net control



and then:


Supplementary reading - please read some of them!


IR and Intnl agreements on Net policy - very IR in orientation - good!


paper on 'What is Net Govnce' - good discussion from a political scientist on the various senses of net governance


Read with the above paper - political science takes a look at net governance as either democratic or elite control




Another useful (law scholars) paper on 'Who owns the net' - useful IR reflections